Obion, Tennessee


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It is our hope that you will find this site useful as well as informative. Obion is a good place to live for young families, the seniors, and those in between. You are welcome in our little town, but there is nothing little about the big hearts of its citizens. 


Obion, Tennessee


Obion A Great Place to Work, Live and PLay

Obion, Tennessee is located in the southwest corner of Obion County adjoining US highway 51, which is a major link from Kentucky to Memphis, TN. The town has a population of 1137 residents. We have 2.0 Square miles within our city limits with 26.3 miles of paved streets. Our city has 500+ water customers and 400+ natural gas customers. In addition Obion also serves 200+ rural water customers. We are within a day’s drive of the major markets. We have the availability of drawing from the surrounding rural areas in this agricultural section of Obion County.

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